Frequently Asked Questions

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Will you be selling any HCSA apparel?
This is something we may look at for the future but not for this upcoming season.

What is the “RAP” tour and where can we get more information on this?
“Ride Around the Park”. The original tour was laid out in 1994 and in ensuing years the 600 mile loop around the perimeter of Algonquin Provincial Park became one of the most popular rides, taking approximately 4 days to complete and utilizing trails through 4 snowmobile regions. The trail offers a wide variety of experiences giving riders the opportunity to follow Rail and hydro lines, old logging roads and on the north side between Pettawawa and Mattawa it follows a pipeline that offers an particularly memorable experience. More info will be posted on the website once the season is underway. Meanwhile you can call 1-800-ONTARIO or visit

Why didn’t I receive my member magazines this year?
When completing the OFSC Permit Order/Application Form you must remember to check off the box stating that you agree to receiving the mailouts. You should also sign below that section of the application. This entitles you to receive all the member benefits provided by the OFSC including the magazine. If you wish to receive the benefits but not the magazine you may also indicate your request on the same part of the application form.

Who is responsible for setting the speed limits on trails and how is the speed limit determined?
Maximum speed on OFSC trails is 50 k/h as per the MSVA (Motorized Snow Vehicle Act). The exception is over some trails that cross private property where the landowner has requested a lower speed be posted. In towns and Municipalities where snowmobbiles are permitted and speed limits through towns is 50 K/h for other vehicles, the speed limit for snowmobiles is 20k/h. This is Province wide .


How can I get involved with volunteering?
Volunteers are the most important asset the club has. Without them we would not be able to provide great trails that are continuously improved upon. The biggest challenge with HCSA and volunteers has been getting ourselves organized to be able to have an effective volunteer strategy with a process that responds in kind to all those that give of their own time to help us out. It takes an effective organization to recruit, train and retain volunteers. The HCSA has, this year, developed our own volunteer strategy that focuses on providing an open and welcoming environment which is safe and supportive for volunteers. The club for the first time now has a volunteer coordinator. We will be having several functions geared towards volunteers this year so listen for the Public Service announcements on Moose and Canoe. If you fill out your permit form to include that you are interested in volunteering you will be put on a list to be contacted the following year as most volunteer work is completed by December. You can complete the volunteer form from our website anytime and you will be contacted shortly.


Where can I purchase my permit?
Permits can be purchased through one of our “resellers” or through our office by mailing in an application or online. More information on permit prices and online purchase can be found on the permits page of this website.

How can I protect my permit/sticker from theft?
Never place your sticker on top of an older sticker. The older sticker is easily removed and when that happens the new sticker does not “void”. A person can easily then obtain a new “replacement sticker” using your stolen one. If you apply your new sticker directly to your snowmobile it cannot be removed without the sticker “voiding” itself.


Is there plans for any new trails in the future?
At present time there are no new trails planned to open unless landowner issues force us to open bypass trails.

Some clubs have trail side warm up shelters. Since Haliburton County is such a big area why don’t you have one?
There has been some discussion of several warm-up shacks but nothing concrete yet. This would involve obtaining land owner permisssion and materials needed for construction.

Why are neighbouring club’s trails posted as “open” or “limited” when HCSA trails are “closed”?
Haliburton County has a very unique set of trails. We are basically a County sitting on “shield” which means ROCK, SWAMPS and other rough terrain. Due to these trying conditions, we require cold temperatures to freeze the numerous water crossings and above average amounts of snow to fill the rough terrain before we begin to groom. Although we try to open the trails as soon as possible, there may be an extended time period of one or two weeks in order to have the proper conditions. The HCSA also takes into consideration a safety factor for all our riders when considering whether to open trails.

Why are trails closed during the season when other clubs have their trails open?
In this day and age of RISK MANAGEMENT we have to follow these very strict guidelines. The HCSA monitors ALL trails on a daily basis. If there has been a major rain storm and trails have been washed out or numerous trees have fallen from a wind storm, for the safety of our riders, we have to close the trails. Once the conditions have stabilized, we’ve repaired the damages and the trails are safe again, we will re-open them. One other important need is patience from our riders while we wait for those pieces to fall into place so that we can get our job done. To give you, our riders, an idea what our trails are like without the snow we have decided to begin posting photos in our photo gallery showing you what we have to deal with during the Spring, Summer and Fall so that you can enjoy your Winter ride. As for our neighboring clubs— they too have their own set of problems.

Driver Training

Will there be any driver training programs offered to women, not just younger riders?
The Driver Training program was designed to meet the needs of students wanting to participate in this “family” sport. Anyone 16 and over, WITHOUT a valid ONTARIO Driver’s license that does NOT have a court or police action suspended license, may pay a fee and take this course. Numerous people, older Men AND Women who don’t have a Driver’s license can get a Snowmobile License under the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act. This can be done with the HCSA or online.

How old must I be to take the Driver Training Course?
Students must be at least 12 years old on or before the day of the course and will be required to bring their Birth Certificate as proof of age. If they do not have their Birth Certificate they can bring a passport or other piece of Photo ID as long as it shows their date of birth. Students under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian attend at the pre-registration in order to get them signed in.

What do I do if I lose my student snowmobile driver license?
If you lose your student snowmobile license, or if you change your address, you may download a copy of the Application for Motorized Snow Vehicle Operator Address Change/Replacement License Form from the Drivers Ed page of this website. Once the application form has been completed it can be mailed in to the OFSC at the address on the bottom of the form.

Trail Guide

Why does the annual Trail Guide show trails that have been closed for years? Why not just delete them from the Trail Guide as they are misleading?
The annual Trail Guide shows all of the trails owned by the HCSA including those that are closed. Trails can be closed for many reasons – Landowner issues, Safety issues, damage caused by storms that requires funds over which the Club can’t afford, or lack of equipment suitable for grooming that particular trail. A closed trail does not mean it will never open. If we remove a trail from the map then we “give up the right” to use that trail permanently. The Trail Guide is reassessed each year and if we deem it impossible to reopen those closed trails – we remove them. Trails on the fringe of the system can sometimes be taken over by other clubs who would prefer them as part of their trail system.

Didn’t find the answer to your question here?
Please email us with your question. If it’s a good one, we’ll add it to this page for the benefit of all snowmobilers.


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